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DUI and DWI Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ

Aggressive Representation from Municipal Law Attorneys

If you have a DWI or DUI conviction in New Jersey, it can result in serious consequences. In addition to heavy fines, you can face greatly increased auto insurance costs, ignition interlock device installation, and jail time along with losing your license.


Work with an Experienced DWI & DUI Lawyer

The lawyers of DeGrado Halkovich, LLC advise and represent drivers that have been arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We can help you if you are dealing with;


  • A first DUI/DWI offense
  • 2nd or 3rd Offense DWI which carry mandatory minimum penalties including jail and up to 10 years of a driver's license suspension
  • DWI charges against underage drivers
  • DWI charges related to a suspended or revoked license
  • Drug-related DWI charges
  • Vehicular assault, vehicular homicide or a DWI/DUI accident

In some cases, we can challenge the field test, Alcotest or blood test evidence, or the law enforcement actions involved in the arrest. We can also help you take advantage of treatment and diversionary channels as opposed to traditional sentencing.

The first step towards defending yourself against a DUI or DWI charge is to contact our lawyers today. You can also call us directly at 201-678-9007 to speak to an attorney immediately or schedule an appointment.



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