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Municipal Law Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ

Strong Representation for Municipal Violations

If a municipal law or regulation has been violated, it is typically a minor offense. However, some offenses can carry hefty fines, suspension or loss of a driver’s license and in some cases jail time.

The municipal law attorneys here at DeGrado Halkovich, LLC have a concentrated experience in municipal law cases and will aggressively represent you to pursue the best possible outcome for your particular situation. In fact, it is possible that your record can be expunged if it is a first offense.

We handle a number of municipal law cases including:

  • DUI and DWI– Driving a vehicle while intoxicated or impaired can result in serious consequences. Learn more…
  • Traffic Violations – Don’t let a traffic violation result in a tarnished driving record and expensive fines. There are legal methods of preventing points from going on your license and reducing fines. Learn more…

If you’ve violated a municipal law or regulation, get the strong legal representation you need. Our lawyers will work with you to understand all of the details of your case to defend you.

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