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Medical Provider Reimbursement Lawyers in Bergen County

Medical Reimbursement Lawyers in NJ

Representing Medical Providers in Recoupment Actions for Unpaid or Underpaid Insurance Claims

If you are a healthcare provider you understand the constant battle to receive payment for the services you provide.  Often times, even if payment is received, it is not the correct amount the provider is entitled to.  DeGrado Halkovich, LLC in Bergen County, NJ has built a widely known and well respected healthcare practice focused on representing medical providers including physicians, physician multi-specialty practice groups, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, chiropractors and physical therapists in actions to recover unpaid or underpaid claims against a wide range of insurance carriers.  DeGrado Halkovich, LLC also represents individuals who have their health insurance claims denied.  DeGrado Halkovich, LLC has recovered well in excess of $100 million dollars on behalf of it's clients.  DeGrado Halkovich, LLC handles matters for arbitration as well as litigation in State and Federal Courts. Contact DeGrado Halkovich, LLC today for a free A/R review. We handle the recovery of unpaid or underpaid: 

  • No-Fault (PIP) Insurance Claims
  • Major Medical/Health Insurance Claims
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Claims
  • Patient Health Insurance Claims

If you are a medical provider or a patient in New Jersey or Florida and you feel that you have been underpaid or you’ve had a medical claim denied by an insurance company, our medical reimbursement lawyers can help.

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