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Patient Health Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers 

Have you or a loved one had their health insurance claim denied?

If this is the situation you find yourself in, our health insurance claim denial lawyers in Bergen County, NJ can help. At DeGrado Halkovich, LLC, we concentrate in helping individuals who have had their health insurance claims denied.  We have helped countless numbers of individuals obtain coverage and/or payment for their denied health insurance claims.  Like most people, you likely assume if you pay your health insurance premiums when, and if, you need to make a claim for medical treatment your health insurer will provide coverage and make payment for claims submitted by your doctor, hospital or health care provider for medically necessary treatment.

Unfortunately, in many circumstances, this is not the case at all. Health insurers regularly employ a variety of tactics to delay, defend and ultimately deny making payment for your medically necessary treatment. The attorneys at DeGrado Halkovich, LLC are dedicated patient advocates providing aggressive legal representation for individuals who have had their health insurance claims wrongfully denied.

Contact us today for a free consultation or call 201-678-9007, to evaluate your particular situation and assist you with your denied health insurance claim.



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