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Divorce Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ

Strong Legal Representation for Your Family Law Matters

Going through a divorce not only brings on financial hardship, but also emotional hardship. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers understand that going through a divorce is not something to take lightly. We offer aggressive legal representation while delivering a personal approach so that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process.

No matter how complex your particular case is, our lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources to work towards the best possible outcome.

In addition to divorce, our lawyers are also well-versed in the various types of alimony in New Jersey. This allows us to effectively represent our clients when determining which alimony award is most appropriate.

When you are going through a divorce, work with a team of lawyers that have both the knowledge and the compassion you deserve.

Contact one of our New Jersey divorce lawyers in NJ today and get on the road towards settling your divorce matters and creating a path towards a bright new future. You can also call us directly at 201-678-9007.

DeGrado Halkovich, LLC attorneys offer you comfort, compassion and professional legal support. We are one of the most effective groups of

divorce lawyers in NJ

. Our specialists understand the specific needs of clients who have to cope with the tough process which a divorce definitely is. We know that our clients struggle with problems such as stress, pressure, concerns regarding interests of the children and many more emotions and feelings, that require a personal approach and compassion. In DeGrado Halkovich, LCC, we have a real understanding of these issues, like hardly any other group of divorce lawyers in NJ. If you entrust your case to us, we guarantee aggressive legal representation and comprehensive support during the whole divorce process.

Meet our divorce lawyers in NJ

Our experience is one of our strengths. Attorneys working for DeGrado Halkovich LCC have handled a lot of cases, a number of which was complex and emotionally difficult. We will take care of any matter you come with. Our rich knowledge and constant self-development let us to call ourselves the best divorce lawyers in NJ.

Our service is not limited to representing you in divorce process. We also offer our support in terms of alimony. Our divorce lawyers in NJ are very well oriented in various kinds of alimony and are competent enough to find the best possible way to provide you satisfactory solutions. We understand the necessity of a specific approach with regard to each one case – that is a feature from which you can recognize professional divorce lawyers. In NJ there are specific laws, but we are well prepared to drawn the very best from each one of them. We will also advise how to estimate possibilities to gain particular alimony awards.

A crucial issue for the majority of couples who are divorcing is the right to children custody. In this matter we are here to help you as well. Children interest is, without a doubt, the most important for both parents, but when it comes to define what the “children interest” is, you will probably need competent divorce lawyers in NJ who has appropriate skills and tools and are able to persuade the court that you deserve to be entrusted with the custody.

Now you can see that DeGrado Halkovich attorneys will not disappoint your expectations. Our competence is confirmed by many satisfied clients not only from Bergen County. We are not only well known divorce lawyers in NJ, but also in other states. Please contact us in a way that is comfortable for you – by calling directly 201-678-9007 or visiting one of our offices in New Jersey, New York or Florida.


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