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Here at DeGrado Halkovich, LLC, we are able to aggressively represent our clients because we continue to stay well-versed on the latest legal news and happenings.

We pride ourselves on having an open-door policy with our clients to offer a more personal feel that can sometimes be difficult to find when working with a lawyer. Understanding your case and your rights can be difficult, which is why we allow our clients to contact us at any time to ask questions about their particular case.

Additionally, check our news and events section frequently for the latest information regarding various practice areas including personal injury law, family law, diminished value litigation, criminal law and more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or call 201-678-9007.

Will New Jersey Lawmakers Find Common Ground on Alimony Reform?

Your family law attorneys in New Jersey want to keep you informed with the latest information on New Jersey news. Divorce has always created stress and tension for all those involved. Compromise is a common theme and something that needs to be reached to bring resolution, especially to those who have a hand in lawmaking. 


Monday, May 12 2014

NJ Senate, Assembly Pass Bill Granting Adoptees Access to Birth Certificates

Your attorneys in New Jersey want to provide you with the latest information on New Jersey news. Recently, Assembly has passed a bill granting access to original birth certificates to adoptees. With this information adoptees have access to important information to their personal identity like family health history.

Tuesday, March 04 2014

New Jersey Senate President Announces Change of Heart on Gun Law 

Your attorneys in NJ have information of the latest talk within the New Jersey Government. Laws on gun control have been in headlines, especially since the request to enact stricter laws.

Monday, March 03 2014
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