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Expungement Lawyers in NJ

An Excellent Opportunity to Erase a First Offense

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, your future can be adversely affected even if you aren’t actually convicted of that crime.

Whether you are pursuing a career or education opportunity, a housing situation or a professional license application, background checks are used frequently in comparing candidates which makes having a clean record increasingly important.

The lawyers at Degrado Halkovich, LLC understand these challenges and our skill in the area of criminal record removal, or expungement, can be of benefit to you. Whether you have a criminal record relating to a drug or assault charge, a theft or juvenile crime or any other matter, we can help.

Leveraging the Law in Pursuit of a Clean Slate

In the state of New Jersey, first-time offenders in minor criminal matters may qualify for special diversionary programs that prevent criminal conviction of completed successfully. If a person is compliant with the program and offense-free for a specific period of time (usually six months to a year) they may qualify for record expungement that will remove the charge from their history.

New state laws that were implemented in 2010 make expungement available to more people, but these laws need to be fully understood in order to be leveraged. Specific criteria must be met and paperwork needs to be filed properly and in a timely manner for this process to be successful.

There are certain conditions that apply to NJ expungement in general:

  • A person can’t have been convicted of more than one felony or three “disorderly persons�? offenses.
  • First- or second-degree violent crimes do not qualify.
  • Arrests without conviction can be expunged immediately.

There are numerous steps involved with the record expungement process and police and prosecutors can fight expungement in some cases. This makes having a skilled attorney to help with your case even more imperative. DeGrado Halkovich, LLC lawyer Adamo Ferreira understands the record expungement process in great detail and can advise you on how to handle the process based on your situation.

Contact us today to learn more about the criminal record removal process. You can also call us at 201-678-9007 to start working with an experienced attorney immediately.


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