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Juvenile Defense Lawyer in NJ

Strong Representation for Pre-Trial Intervention

When it comes to college applications and job opportunities, a juvenile conviction can affect a minor’s future negatively. It can even impact career and educational growth during adulthood. If your child has been charged with a crime, it is extremely important to seek strong, sound legal advice.

The lawyers of DeGrado Halkovich, LLC defend young people against a range of criminal charges. We provide strategic counsel and aggressive representation for the following matters:

    • A drug offense including the possession or sale of marijuana, cocaine or another controlled substance
    • An underage DUI or DWI or other alcohol-related charge
    • Vandalism, trespassing or breaking and entering
    • A theft of property crime such as shoplifting
    • Assault, weapons charges or another violent offense
    • A crime that occurred in school

In some cases, juvenile records may be expunged, allowing your child to regain a clean record that does not show that an arrest or conviction ever occurred.

If your child has been charged with a crime, contact our lawyers today. We have concentrated experience in juvenile crime cases and can help you understand the best way to deal with any charges you and your child are facing. Contact us today or call 201-678-9007.


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