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NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Bergen County

Dedicated to Aggressively Defending Your Rights

If you've been convicted or even charged with a crime, it can have a serious impact on your life and future. You could face jail time, costly fines, probation and have difficulty finding a job.  The criminal defense lawyers of DeGrado Halkovich, LLC understand the situation those who are charged with a crime find themselves and will aggressively and diligently defend you against any criminal charges.

Whether you are charged in municipal court or the matter has been referred to Superior Court or Federal Court, the lawyers at DeGrado Halkovich, LLC are experienced in handling a wide variety of matters and have helped thousands of clients' achieve favorable results.  We can assist you if you have been charged with any criminal or municipal offense including:

  • Expungement – Our lawyers have a concentrated experience in the area of criminal record removal and have helped hundreds of clients get a clean slate through expungement. Learn more…
  • Assault Charges – The attorneys at Degrado Halkovich can defend you strategically against a number of assault charges. Learn more…
  • Drug Possession – Possession of even a small amount of a controlled substance can result in a fine or other immediate consequences that can lead to a criminal record. Learn more…
  • Juvenile Crimes – A juvenile conviction can negatively affect a child’s future when it comes to college applications, professional licenses and job opportunities. Learn more…
  • Shoplifting – Seeking qualified legal advice is an essential first step when you've been charged with grand or petty theft from a store or retail location. Learn more…
  • Weapons Charges – New Jersey’s strict gun laws mean being convicted of a weapons charge can have very serious consequences. Learn more…

Our lawyers' have the knowledge, resources and skill to handle your defense in federal, state or municipal court. Regardless of the type of charge you are facing, we can provide insight regarding your legal rights and options. Our main goal is to help you resolve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

For more information, contact our lawyers today. You can also call us at 201-678-9007 and speak directly to one of our skilled attorneys. 


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